This game may be offered at some point in the future.

Jedi Academy

  • Asutech Firewall¹
  • Updated OpenJK²
  • Easily change your mods³
  • Easily restart your server
  • Create a redirect to your server
  • Only allow RCON access from IPs you trust
  • SFTP access, to upload your own mods and files
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Vint Hill, VA
Frankfurt, DE

Why us?

Operated by a former player, with experience in hosting Jedi Academy servers all the way back to 2006. With the knowledge acquired over this time we have sought to improve the user experience to make it secure, customizable, affordable, but also easy to use.

Our servers are simple to set up, easy to manage, and offer features that make customizing it to your use case painless. No technical knowledge required to get up and running to enjoy hosting a server for your favorite game! And this simplicity also extends to power users that want more depth to their options, as user feedback has shaped what we can offer to our customers.

User feedback and interaction is important, and we try to meet the unique needs of the community while also listening to potential great ideas for us to incorporate to the benefit of all customers. You also have the ability to write your own bash or python scripts to interact with your server; such as a Discord webhook that interacts with chat.

While our datacenter provider has the ability to filter higher layer network attacks, this often does not help against most application specific attacks. We maintain an in-house tailored firewall to help filter game specific attacks that would otherwise slip by the protections of bigger providers.

Daily offsite backups
14 day money back guarantee
Custom tailored firewall