JK2 & JK3

  • Custom built (D)DoS mitigation
  • Updated OpenJK and JK2MV¹
  • Easily change your mods
  • Easily restart your server²
  • Create a jka.io redirect to your server
  • Only allow RCON access from IPs you trust
  • SFTP access, to upload your own mods and files
  • Make your own scripts to interact with your server³
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Chicago, IL
Washington D.C., USA
Frankfurt, DE

Why us?

We have more than eight years of experience fulfilling the server hosting needs of the Jedi Academy and Outcast communities. With the knowledge acquired over this time we have sought to improve the user experience to make it secure, customizable, affordable, but also easy to use. We hope in the future to expand this same level of quality to other gaming communities as well!

User feedback and interaction is important, and we try to meet the unique needs of the community while also listening to potential great ideas for us to incorporate to the benefit of all customers. Such features as a VPN block list that stops a subset of known VPNs from connecting to your server, if you turn the setting on, gives users more tools to better moderate their server. Or the ability to write your own bash or python scripts to interact with your server; such as a Discord webhook that interacts with chat.

While our datacenter provider has the ability to filter basic network attacks and a bandwith capacity of more than 20 Tbps, this often doesn’t help against most application specific attacks. We specialize in mitigating Denial-Of-Service attacks, and maintain an in-house tailored firewall to filter out attacks that would otherwise slip by more simple protections.

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Easy setup
Basic DDoS filtering
Custom DDoS filters
Get* flood filtering
Custom scripting
Daily offsite backups
14 day money back guarantee
In-house (D)DoS mitigation